Nvidia delivers first certified graphics drivers for Windows 11: Here’s where to download them

If you have any doubts about how Windows 11 works with your games, this should give you some peace of mind.

If you’re going to upgrade to Windows 11 Beta Insider before the final build is released, here’s an additional argument. Nvidia has just released its new graphics driver for its GeForce graphics cards. The program not only provides improved DLSS support, but also provides first-time support for the new Windows 11 operating system.

Improvements and official support for Windows 11

This latest GeForce Game Ready driver update brings the build number to 471.41. While previous drivers only officially support Windows 10 and older operating systems, the updated version can be used with Windows 11.

In addition, this driver offers some improvements. Red Dead Redemption 2’s DLSS support is expected to provide up to 45% more performance. A total of 13 additional titles receive pre-configured GeForce Experience profiles. The profiles are based on the hardware used and should ensure an enhanced gaming experience.

You will be able to download Latest GeForce Game Ready Driver at this link.

At the moment, the Windows 11 version can already be tested on the Dev channel, but The first beta version shouldn’t be long.

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