Notre-Dame: Netflix Reveals Cast of Series Over the Cathedral Fire – Wit FM

On April 15, 2019, a terrible fire broke out in Notre Dame Cathedral. The eyes of the whole world are then fixed on Paris while, for hours, in the heart of the burning building, firefighters do everything to save the structure. Nearly two years after the disaster, the memory of this terrible evening is still very fresh in everyone’s minds, especially in the minds of the protagonists. Something to inspire other producers and directors… after the feature film was announced Notre Dame is burning By Jean-Jacques Arnaud Netflix is ​​now offering an event series called Notre Dame, the fire part.

According to proprietary information from Parisian, serial “I will try to tell the drama from the inside, but also the consequences for a certain number of fictional characters throughout France”. Produced by Cheyenne, written and directed by Herve Hadmar. The series brings together distinguished actors: Roschdy Zem, Caroline Proust, Simon Adkarian, Alice Isaaz, Sandor Funtek, Frédéric Chau and Victor Belmondo.

serial Notre Dame, the fire part It will consist of six episodes of one hour each. Filming started a few weeks ago. No release date has been reported.

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