North Korea supports Russia’s annexation of Ukraine

On Tuesday, North Korea expressed its support for Russia’s annexation of the territories of Ukraine occupied by its forces, and denounced the steps taken by the United States and its allies with the United Nations against Moscow.

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Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Moscow had annexed four regions of Ukraine that held referendums organized by the Kremlin on territories occupied by the Russian military.

The United States and other Western countries called the referendums fake at gunpoint and vowed not to recognize the annexation.

North Korea’s official KCNA news agency said North Korean Foreign Minister Cho Chul-soo had defended the referendums, describing them as completely legitimate and “conducted in accordance with the United Nations Charter that enshrines the principles of equality between peoples.”

North Korea is an ally of Russia.

“The vast majority of voters supported integration with Russia,” the Korean Central News Agency quoted Jo as saying in a statement.

Russia on Friday vetoed a US proposal to the UN Security Council aimed at condemning its annexation.

Russia did not gain support for the veto, with China and India abstaining. Mr. Joe said the US was interfering in the internal affairs of independent countries and “abusing” the UN Security Council.

“The days will not return when the United States can use the Security Council as a shield and a means of aggression to maintain its supremacy,” the North Korean minister said.

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