Nobody saw it in France, but this Netflix movie conquered the whole world

Unnoticed by French audiences, this Japanese film has found incredible success on Netflix, rising to third place in the ranking of non-English films available on the platform.

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Like many other platforms, Netflix offers an abundance of content to its subscribers. And the least we can say is that for this March, The platform’s catalog is once again full of series, movies, anime and documentaries that are not to be missed! But some achievements can often go by the wayside…we have to admit that in the face of highly anticipated releases, like Season 4 of You Or even the third season ofoffshore banks, viewers don’t necessarily think of looking at non-English speaking productions. And this is often a shame, because some of the turns are really worth it!

Lively contact me: what is he talking about ?

If you are told: Call me Spirited Away, What does this mean for you? Rest assured, we’ve all made that weird feature film connection Call me by your nameWritten by Luca Guadagnino and masterful work by Hayao Miyazaki kidnapped. But this Japanese comedy-drama, which was released on the platform on February 26, is nothing like the aforementioned films. In reality, Call me Spirited Away – who also met was a huge hit on Netflix by rising to #3 in movies Most watched non-English – follows the crazy adventure of Chihiro, played by actress Kasumi Arimura. The main character of this story, a former prostitute, decides to drop everything to work at a bento shop in a small seaside town. And if Chihiro is deeply smitten with her new professional activity, she is even more so Paid by contacting the customer. Moreover, the bento saleswoman does not hide anything about her previous occupation. This does not prevent him from collecting his worries with a certain pleasure, but also the joys of the inhabitants who, without knowing it, come to his aid. Indeed, from his early childhood, Chihiro suffers from a deep sense of loneliness Which I gradually managed to get rid of thanks to this new life.

From manga to cinema

It’s not the first time this has happenedA comic strip that inspires film directors. By the way, Rikiya Imaizumi – director and screenwriter Call me Spirited Away – It was based on a slice of life manga Chihiro-san By Hiroyuki Yasuda. All the more reason to be tempted to adapt, right? Moreover, it is still available on Netflix. Good relations!

Article written in collaboration with 6Medias.

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