No, the Texas Govt has not proven the futility of wearing an anti-mask


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Since the Republican governor of Texas announced the end of compulsory masking in early March, many Internet users and the Trumpist media have been delighted to see the number of cases in this southern state of the United States drop.

Has Texas proven the effectiveness of the mask? Thinks to prove this Many web users And Trumpist media, I am pleased to see that the number of cases in this southern state of the United States is declining. In early March, the Texas Republican governor decided to wear a mandatory mask. In fact, the number of positive cases this week, hospitalizations and deaths is the lowest in months. So, proof that the mask is ineffective? Need to go a little faster at work.

Overall, it is difficult to estimate the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of a particular measure of virus circulation. According to some experts, the good results in Texas were mainly a kind of control to prevent people from going out and to improve the vaccination campaign.

Also, the fact that the mask is no longer mandatory does not mean that it is no longer worn. According to the University of Southwest Texas Modeling Survey, Although the number of people announcing to wear a public mask has dropped slightly, it is still over 85%. Another investigation 87.4% of companies plan to wear mandatory masks for their employees and 72.9% for customers.

In short, it’s hard to draw the best lessons from the end of the compulsory mask … in fact if Texan citizens continue to wear it. Finally, if experts are optimistic about the situation in Texas, we should not rejoice too quickly. White House Health Adviser Anthony Fassi recalled The number of cases improved and then suddenly exploded.

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