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Domestic waste: Bin Thawra revolution, package by package

Huge bales are stacked with materials: paper, brown cardboard, light, dark plastic, plastic film. At the household waste sorting center in Batignolles, west of Paris, we are ahead of the rest of the country. Here, since 2019, we have taken advantage of the simplified instructions for sorting packages, which have just been circulated on January 1 to almost all regions. France. From now on, all packaging – cardboard boxes, paper bags, bottles, tubes, trays, compote crackers or plastic film, as well as cans, aerosols, capsules and aluminum pills – must be thrown into yellow recycling bins. & nbsp; Until recently, many toothpaste tubes, food trays or yogurt pots escaped sorting and ended up in the household trash, gray or green depending on the places, due to a lack of recycling channels. The aim of the measure is to simplify the lives of the French who each dispose of an average of 582 kilograms of waste per year according to the government, and above all to increase the volume of plastic recycling. Mark in France is much lower than in neighboring countries (less than 30%). “The only condition is that the packaging is empty, and it is not necessary to wash it,” explains Anne Traband, engineer of “Materials” at the Center Batignolles (17th arrondissement of Paris), run by the Syctom agency. – Truck Noria At the same time, a new “tri-info” banner that aims to be more readable is gradually being rolled out to everyday consumer items, apparel, and sporting goods, starting with food. Objective: To clearly identify where to throw the used product, clothes and shoes should not be placed in the yellow boxes, but in the outdoor recycling bin or to the Solidarity Society. Small household appliances should go to the recycling center, as well as tools, materials and green waste. Since the beginning of January, DIY stores and garden centers have opened sorting bins to supply new recycling channels. 82 communes in western Paris. At the end of a deafening cycle of conveyor belts, screeners, optical sorters, magnetic separators, and manual sorters, a dozen different materials, neatly arranged, emerge: gray cardboard, cardboard, paper, steel, aluminium, clear plastic (PET) and a monolayer of mineral water bottles, Colorful PET, Packaging Film, Tetrapak Milk Carton Packaging. Flux, a mixture of plastics of three different resins: polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene which had no outlet until now. January 11 by ten industrialists and organizations ranging from the Confederation of French Fishmongers to Michelin should make it possible to supply this new sector. It does not belong to any category (broken toys or dishes, etc.) and returns to burn. The simplification of instructions, expected since 2019 in this center, has “allowed loads of recovered and sorted materials” in 2020, specifies Ms. Traband. Her “black monsters” are gas cylinders like whipped cream chargers containing nitrous oxide or helium, which are often diverted from use for illegal use as laughing gas. & nbsp; “We find up to a ton of it a month, when it has to be returned to the landfill like any gas bottle,” Ms. Traband condemns. Another problem, lithium batteries are causing more and more fires. And the engineer adds, “Eight or nine fires started in 2022 in this center alone because of the batteries.” In packaging, progress is possible: “A third of paper and packaging still accidentally goes into gray or green boxes”, Ms. Traband believes: there is still no solution to the thorny waste problem of “nomadic consumption”. Plastic bottles and cans that are dumped into street containers are never sorted and end up directly in incineration. The Ministry of Ecological Transition should open a plastic deposit advisory on January 30 to try to address this. im / ha / pta / er

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