No More Heroes 3: New Funny Trailer

Today we treated you to a brand new trailer for No more heroes 3Undoubtedly, the best This is the expected sequel Currently. Submitted as a fake video Youtube (With fake ads and caching in traffic), in order to encourage newcomers to launch into the series, specifying that this third episode will not exclude them, even if it is “It will be more cool if you play the previous games“(That’s good, both are available on the online store with high quality). Including Travis strikes again, Therefore, the spin-off not loved by critics who Trailer for a movie laughing saying “This is the kind of experimental game we will be enjoying in ten years“.

This is the new trailer for No more heroes 3 It also allows us to see back bad girl And the Shinobu Jacobs, taken from the first match, which will help travis landing in combat. We’ll also note that the sword reloading mechanism is still there, which seems to lean towards a combat system similar to that of previous games – Good news, you are getting a little old.

No more heroes 3 It seems, however, that it improves graphically with each new trailer revealed: it remains only to hope that all of this runs smoothly on the console. nintendoWhichUnreal Engine 4 It does not always succeed. We will be able to judge this by pieces when the game is released August 27, 2021.

New No More Heroes 3 Promo

Travis Touchdown has returned to Santa Destroy after a ten-year absence. Upon arriving, he will discover a gigantic artificial island that includes a city floating on the sea and a UFO hovering above. What kind of crazy killers is Travis dealing with this time?!

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