No, contaminants have not proven the effectiveness of the vaccine

Say “finally”, conspirators or anti-health activities. The mask is dangerous, the French wear it. Imprisonment was useless, and the French respected them. The vaccine was going to kill all of us, and the French rushed to the vaccine. So, we know that Great Britain is one of the best vaccinated countries in Europe Increase in pollution, Very intense flavor and a bright wine flavor, Didier Roult Quay.

A little while ago, let’s look at the numbers. Each week, the channel explains L.C.I., The British Health Institute has provided data on the role of vaccines in confirmed cases of delta variation since 1 February. We read of more than 81,000 epidemics reported as of June 21, 66.4% of the victims did not receive any dose. In contrast, 8.9% had full coverage.

Of the 117 deaths recorded and linked to variance during the same period, authorities counted 47 victims, 20 of whom were vaccinated with a single dose, 50 Fully immune. Health officials estimate that two doses are 94% safe against hospitalization. The remaining 6% escape vaccine coverage, For reasons that are not necessarily identifiable.

Simple statistical logic

Anglo-Saxon statisticians and mathematicians have assisted in explaining this phenomenon. The vaccine is not 100% safe It is natural for a section of the population to be affected. As Benjamin Davido, an epidemiologist at Boycore Hospital in Corchas, explained, “When a lot of people get vaccinated, you have People will find themselves by definition. ”

If we think absurd, we will imagine that no one is vaccinated. So none of the deaths will be vaccinated. Conversely, if everyone was vaccinated, everyone who died would have been vaccinated. In Great Britain, only 3% of new hospitals were fully vaccinated due to delta variation.

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Great Britain and Russia are two countries whose delta variation has very different results. There are believed to be 14 deaths a day in the UK due to Govt-19, in St. Petersburg on Tuesday alone 119 people died. Questionably, more vaccine protection on the British side. 50% of people already have two levels, Only 15% in Russia would have given a shoulder For the first injection.

So no, re-pollution in the UK Did not prove the ineffectiveness of vaccines But with this history, we learned that some myths are more reliable than reality.

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