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Issued on March 13, 2019 on nintendo convertsAnd ComputerAnd Mac And linuxAnd Baba He is You are, is an atypical puzzle game developed by hemp Which we proposed a test to find at this addressSoon, after more than two years, you will be enjoying a great free update that adds a lot of new features. It will be available from November 17 Next on all game support will give access to a file Official level editor with tutorials, Possibility Share levels online with other people, a A list of ‘Premium Levels’ where you will find handpicked puzzlesAnd Over 150 new puzzles in two level packsAnd More than 100 puzzles with content that the developer has not revealed yet, from New elements and effects, from New music and illustrations, in addition to many other developments including Fixes and improvements.

Baba Is You is available to download for €12.49. The game port on the Switch was implemented with the help of MP2 games. Baba Is You has the little peculiarity of allowing the rules of the game to change during the game, resulting in amazing and fun interactions. The concept attracted many people, allowing Baba Is You to win several awards: Excellence in Design and Best Student Game at the Independent Games Festival 2018. It was also nominated in two other categories, including Seumas McNally Grand Prix. Developed with Multimedia Fusion 2 from Click team, the title was originally created for the event North Jam 2017 game (Where the game won first place). You can learn more about official site, The Hempuli Official Blog And on his account Twitter.

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Papa do you contain the basic More than 100 levels Where the rules are presented in the form of blocks that we can interact with. By manipulating them, you can change the course of the level and cause unexpected interactions. With a simple tap of the block, it is possible to turn the character into a rock, turn areas of grass into dangerous obstacles and even completely change the target to be reached. This forces the player to understand and manipulate the different rules of the game, finding various different ways to make the elements of the world interact.

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