Nintendo could launch Metroid Prime on Switch instead of a trilogy according to multiple reports

Metroid dread The series will return after years of absence, but we must not forget those rumors about itremastered from Metroid Prime Trilogy It’s been there for months. History is making headlines today with Jeff Group, a journalist at VentureBeat, who supports Emily Rogers’ words dating from last week, where she said that Metroid Prime 1 Coming back in 2022 on Switch For 20 years of the game.

One episode instead of the triple?

Based on these rumors, Jeff Grubb comes to give a layer on Twitter, where he announces:

« I think Nintendo will release Metroid Prime 1 on the Switch instead of a trilogy. It’s been in development for years, and when I first heard about it (including) everyone thought it was a trilogy. »

So the famous remodeling machine that has been under discussion for months will only care Metroid Prime The first of the name if one depends on the subject of the journalist.

certainly, We’ll wait for confirmation from Nintendo before judging this information is correct, but we imagine such a transformer would be a good starting point to talk about next Metroid Prime 4, provided that Metroid dread Become a successful person.

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