Nine municipalities involved: Dengue: 22 cases confirmed in one week, circulation still low

From 1 to 14 November, 22 cases of dengue were confirmed. In recent weeks, the number of cases has remained low, at about ten cases per week. Nine municipalities involved. We publish here the ARS press release (Image caption rb /

Over the past few weeks, the anti-vector measures implemented by the ARS teams, associated with weather conditions less favorable for the development of mosquitoes, have made it possible to significantly reduce the transmission of the virus.

However, dengue fever still spreads weakly across the island, raising fears of an epidemic rebound with the onset of summer.

In this context, the people of Runyons are encouraged to be vigilant by protecting themselves from dengue, mosquitoes and disease vectors (insect repellents, long clothes, mosquito nets, etc.) and removing all larval deposits (anything that may contain water.) around their house.

In addition, the photo contest “Against dengue, how to protect yourself from mosquitoes?” Until November 28.

Since January 1, 2021:

29,781 confirmed cases (after data integration)

1140 hospitalizations

4133 emergency visits

20 deaths directly related to dengue fever

Dengue case on November 25, 2021 (data from Cellule Sant Publique France in the region, ARS)

9 municipalities affected by the spread of dengue fever:

The virus spreads mainly in Saint-Pierre and Saint-Denis.

Isolated cases were identified in Saint-Paul, Saint-Louis, Entre Deux, Le Tampon, La Possession, Petite Ile and Salazie.

No clustering of cases (dengue outbreak) was identified during the period.

Photo Quiz Game: A few more days to participate!

On November 10, the Prefecture and ARS La Runion launched the photo competition “Against Dengue, How to Protect Yourself from Mosquitoes?”.

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The goal is to initiate a participatory process for the population, by offering them to take pictures of the protections used to protect themselves from mosquitoes that carry dengue (Aedes albopictus or tiger mosquito) and engaging in thinking of more effective means.

These protections can be:

Close doors/windows/curtains with mosquito-type devices

cutan rpulsif spray

bed mosquito net

cover clothes

Repeller diffuser (electric, coils, etc.)

Candidates still have a few days to participate before midnight on November 28.

The rules and conditions for participation in the competition are available:

On the ARS website:

Or when ordering via email: [email protected]

Recommendations for fighting dengue fever

protect yourself from mosquito bites, including for the seven days after the onset of symptoms to protect those around you;

. Continue to protect yourself, even if you have previously had dengue; Many serotypes of dengue can be spread and infection with one serotype does not protect against attack by another.

Get rid of larvae deposits (mosquito nests): Vacuum anything that may contain water around your home, check gutters, etc.

Consult a doctor if symptoms appear: fever, headache, muscle/joint aches, nausea, vomiting, … and take the sample in a medical laboratory prescribed by your doctor to confirm the diagnosis of dengue fever.

If you are sick with dengue fever:

o Continue to protect yourself from mosquito bites and monitor your health, especially between the fourth and eighth day of illness.

o Consult your doctor or emergency department if your health condition deteriorates.

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