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China succeeds in landing a small robot on Mars. China’s National Space Administration said on Saturday (May 15) that it had landed on the Lander Red Planet, which carried China’s first unmanned robot to Mars.CNSA), As announced Xinhua. “This is the first time China has visited a planet other than Earth.”, Underscores the Chinese press company. The Tianwen-1 probe, comprising an orbiter, a lander and a “Jurong” remote controlled robot, was launched on July 23, 2020 from Wenchang, southern China. Then, “After nearly seven months in space”, Immigrant mission entered orbit in February and Mars “I spent more than two months tracking landings”, Recalls the article. The New York Times Underscores his role What “China is now the second largest country”, After the United States, “To place a working robot on the surface of Mars”.

USA: Trump’s nominee for House No. 3 in the Republican Party. Ellis Stephanic, What New York Magazine As described a “Thousands It (Donald Trump’s slogan during the 2016 presidential election campaign, “Make America Great Again, or” Make America Great Again “) Moderate”, Was elected Friday as Republican third in the House of Representatives. “The Greatest Success” The candidate, who was backed by Donald Trump for Liz Cheney’s victory, was ousted by the Grand Old Party two days ago (GOP), “Not surprising”, Fifteen Weeks writes: “He has been maneuvering to replace Cheney since it became clear that he was highly critical of (former President) Wyoming’s elected (conservative) House Republicans in order to retain a largely ceremonial role.”

Algeria: Hirak march blocked, numerous arrests including journalists. “The 117th Hirak March could not take place” Friday in Algiers: There was a parade “Blocked” Police continued “Arrests including journalists”, Read on?L Vathan. According to the newspaper, an interesting safety device has been placed, and “Used force to stop the march”. In “Hundreds of arrests” It happened all over Algeria but especially in the capital: leaders of political parties, activists and many journalists and photographers were arrested. To El Vathan, “Security services have acted in this way to prevent them from carrying out their tasks”.

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