Nigeria: United Kingdom returns 4. 4.8 million seized

The Nigerian government on Tuesday found the United Kingdom London court guilty of corruption by seizing 4.8 million euros from the British accounts of the former Nigerian governor of the oil-rich region of Delta (southern).

“Of the fraudulent funds of the Central Government, 4,214,017 were received”The Nigerian Ministry of Justice said in a statement. This amount was fraudulent James Ibori, Governor of Delta State, between 1999 and 2007, by a British court ruling, recovered by financial institutions. This money should be funded Infrastructure projects In Nigeria.

James Ibori was jailed in April 2012 for nearly kidnapping 50 million pounds (மில்லியன் 62 million at the time) a Long handover process, Then released on bail in London in December 2016. His case was identified Fight corruption High in Nigeria, billions of pounds are sent to the UK every year.

When Governor’s term between 1999 and 2007, James Ibori used public funds to buy apartments, luxury cars and a private jet, according to British justice. The best number People’s Democratic Party (PDP), who is currently in opposition, is also said to have used the money to fund the electionUmaru Musa Yar’atuwa President of Nigeria in 2007.

Millions of dollars were stolen by a former military ruler Sani Apache Were also deported from Switzerland and other countries. He died in June 1998 after taking the lead Nigeria With an iron fist for nearly five years, the former general is said to have stolen about five billion dollars from the country’s treasures.

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