Niantic responds to the player’s dissatisfaction

Niantic is responding to fans for their dissatisfaction with the decision to reduce the extended range functionality in the game, which was put in place last year due to health measures. This feature allowed, among other things, to interact with a Pokestop in Pokémon Go from afar.

Niantic is now responding to complaints about this decision and mentions forming a committee, in addition to consulting with members of his community, to enable another response by September.

Pokemon Go fans were quick to let Niantic know that they disagree with this return to basic functionality, especially how effective Poké Stop can be. However, for a game that prides itself on being community-based, Niantic’s answer has been slow to emerge. This led to an open message that was widely shared on social media by gamers.

Niantic’s response

Niantic eventually came up with an answer for his community through a studio blog. In its response, Niantic explains that the decision to reduce the interaction distance from 80 meters to 40 meters was made because the company wants people to communicate together in the real world.

We want people to connect to real places in the real world and visit places worth exploring.

Niantic also said they’ve heard from the community loud and clear about recent changes to the Poké Stop interaction distance. The studio acknowledged the concerns raised in the open letter, such as safety and accessibility for people with disabilities, before explaining what action the team would take.

We are bringing together an in-house cross-functional team to develop proposals designed to sustain our mission of inspiring people to explore the world together, while also addressing the specific concerns that have been raised regarding interaction distance.

The increased interaction distance functionality was introduced last year as a way to allow players to continue playing Pokémon Go in a safe manner. This feature has improved player safety and accessibility and has been highly praised by the community and creators. That’s why, after basic functionality has returned, players have taken to social media to ask Niantic to reconsider this decision.

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