Nexus: John Manley says Ottawa should put pressure on Americans

Joint Canada-US The program allows high-risk travelers to speed up procedures when crossing the border.

John Manley was surprised to learn how many Nexus cards have been canceled by US authorities.

The United States has canceled more than 12,000 cards in five years.

The Border Services Agency (CBSA) removed less than 3,600 during the same period.

A CBC news article also reported on the reasons for the withdrawal of some cards and the difficulties Canadians face in appealing.

US Secretary of Defense Tom Ridge and Deputy Prime Minister John Manley when an agreement was signed in 2003.

Photo: Canadian Press / Tobin Grimshaw

The fact that the number is so high is startling, The former deputy prime minister commented, he has a Nexus card. He knows that the decisions of the authorities are arbitrary and are not always justified.

It’s really, really disappointing, he added, and it’s definitely not Tom Ridge [l’ancien secrétaire à la Sécurité intérieure] I had that in mind when creating the program.

Canada and the United States respect the principles of arbitrary use of laws and regulations and insist on granting the right to appeal. I hope Ottawa puts pressure; This is the only way to change the way things are done in this case.

The Office of Federal Secretary of Defense Bill Blair declined to comment and forwarded the questions to the Border Services Agency of Canada (CBSA).

The company told the CBC that it had no authority over the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Service.CBP) And has no control over its decisions about Nexus cardholders.

She did not want to speculate as to why the United States was canceling more cards than Canada.

Each organization operates according to its national laws and has its own evaluation criteria, as well as access to different databases to determine whether a participant is still eligible for the program. , Said a spokesmanASFC, Jacqueline Colin.

Ms. Colin also pointed out that less than 1% of Nexus cards have been canceled in the last five years.

Based on information from Elizabeth Thompson of the CBC

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