Newsreader pauses after disastrous newscast full of discomfort

Saturday night, viewers tuned in to the local newscast of the CBS affiliate in Albany enjoyed a special experience.

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Shaggy, sweaty, and chopped, Heather Kovar was having a hard time reading the leaflet. To the point where the broadcast ended earlier.

With her long, meaningless sentences, and the fact that she forgot the name of her fellow weatherman, the journalist’s behavior annoyed many listeners, who expressed their concerns on social networks. Several indicated that the woman appeared to be drunk, or that she was under the influence of another substance.

On Sunday morning, Kovar indicated in a tweet — which has since been deleted — that she would be returning to the Evening Bulletin.

However, shortly thereafter, the Vice President of WRGB announced that the woman had been suspended for an indefinite period of time. He also said that there will be an internal investigation to determine the circumstances of the disastrous bulletin.

Also on the bag of potato chips:

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