News UK launches new channel in early 2022

By Carlos Pierce,

British group UK news, the origins of the conglomerate News CorpAnnouncing the launch of a new channel, talkTV, early next year.

The channel will be broadcast live and widely available on all platforms, including Line TV and OTT platforms, and its content will also be widely available on social media, as well as on News UK’s massive inventory of websites and apps. So anyone based in the UK will be able to access the channel, live or on demand, on their TV or any personal device.

talkTV will offer a mix of in-house programming on a variety of topics, with hourly newscasts, sports and entertainment shows, as well as discussions and documentaries, leveraging group assets – talkRADIO, talkSPORT, Virgin Radio, Times Radio, The Sun, The Times and The Sunday Times.

Introducing the new channel, Scott Taunton, CEO of News UK Broadcasting, said: TalkTV will provide a rich mix of entertainment and educational programming that no other service offers.

News UK’s brands already engage millions of people through print, digital and audio, and we use these brands to create video programming. We have some of the biggest names in the media on our radio stations and in our newspapers, as well as some of the most visible opinion leaders who reflect many different viewpoints. Some of the most talented people in the news, sports and entertainment press will be contributors or create original content for talkTV. , he completed.

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