News | Coronavirus: 260 Loire residents vaccinated with expired Pfizer doses

By La Provence (with AFP)

A batch of 260 Pfizer vaccines against Covid-19 was given in September in the Loire when the expiration date passed, ARS Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (Aura) told AFP on Thursday, confirming information from France Bleu.

This batch was thawed in August and had to be used within 30 days. According to the same source, there were abuses ranging from two to sixteen days.

“National health authorities, the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and the Vaccine Strategy Steering Board have told us that there is no specific risk today for people who have received this vaccine., in terms of health.”Cecilia Haas, chief of staff at ARS Aura, told AFP.

“Perhaps the efficacy of the active principle is less beneficial. That is why we have contacted the medical authorities so that the people concerned are warned.”, she added.

“The health pass of these 260 people, including about 100 students from seven colleges and residents of the Ondine Valley, was not rescinded, so that they would not be charged with a double penalty, but were informed of the importance of vaccination again.”Mrs. Haas explained as well.

In addition, an examination will be conducted by ARS “Because there was a real mistake on so many levels on the part of the vaccinators, until someone alerted us” The absence of a date of dissolution on the vaccine vials, according to the same source.

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