News: 07-July-2021, Turkey and US acquire NATO aircraft patrols

This week, warplanes from two friendly countries, the United States and Turkey, will assume NATO aviation police duties, in which they will be called upon to monitor Iceland’s airspace and the Baltic region.

“Thanks to the United States and Turkey for their contribution to the NATO Air Police mission.”Organization spokeswoman Ona Lungesu said. “Sky police are helping to ensure security and safety around the Alliance airspace clock. It summarizes the unity of the Allies and shows that NATO is strong and determined to protect all its member states. “ He added.

On Wednesday (July 7, 2021), four F-15s from the United States landed at Keflavik Airport for a police mission from the sky via Iceland. Once evacuated by NATO’s International Air Operations Center in Yudemil (Germany), U.S. fighters are on high alert, ready to take off without delay to ensure the security of Icelandic airspace. This Tuesday (July 6, 2021), four Turkish F-16s arrived at Malborg Air Base (Poland) for security, the Polish Air Force, airspace in the region. The Turkish fighters and 80 soldiers providing support will be there until mid-September.

NATO fighters are on a 24-hour mission across Europe, ready to take off immediately in the event of a suspicious or unannounced flight near Alliance airspace. This work is being carried out specifically within the framework of the Air Police missions, which see a shortage of militias in some NATO countries to ensure the protection of the airspace of these countries. By 2020, NATO air forces across Europe have carried out more than 400 warning operations to prevent unidentified aircraft – mostly from Russia – approaching coalition airspace.

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