New York: The Triumph of Common Sense

I have always been surprised by the lack of interest by many Quebecers about what is happening in the United States, except when they go there as tourists.

However, no country has a significant influence on everything that happens in our region.

In our pages, the publications of Pierre Martin and Luc Laliberte do a useful work of trying to counter this indifference.


In the United States, as in most Western societies, major cities are governed by the left.

why ? Because in the big cities, a relatively small audience is concentrated of the electorate and those who consider themselves “connected”.

The Municipal Square is also favorable to grassroots activists, overwhelmingly from the left.

I hardly draw a caricature by summarizing their current mental world in this way: police brutality, racial profiling, ‘systematic’ racism, exposing statues, bicycles, car animosity, lack of adequate social housing, inadequate rent control, etc.

I’ll say it again, it’s a cartoon, but you basically see what I’m referring to.

These very determined people often end up taking power in City Hall

Small business, investment attraction, and economic prosperity, often associated with capitalism seen as hostile, are very low in their priority range, if we are to put them politely. See Plant Management.

We watch these people go and sometimes wonder where the voice of ordinary people, not ideological theorists by two years, has gone.

In medium or small towns, leadership is often more realistic, as in Quebec, where Regis Labomme expanded the renaissance that began under Jean-Paul Lallier.

This is the reason why I come back here to the United States. What is happening in New York is interesting.

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In the upcoming mayoral election, it will be Democratic candidate Eric Adams.

He’s guaranteed to be the next mayor because this city is as democratic as Westmount is a liberal.

Admittedly, Mr. Adams is a vegetarian, rides his bike and says he’s going to work on the subway. why not ?

But Mr. Adams is also a former police captain.

He does not want to “define” the police, but on the contrary give them the means to do their job: law and order.

He says he wants to rule for everyone, not just those who think like him.

He built a coalition that included people of all colors, unions, religious leaders, and businessmen.

He wants to balance public finances.


I almost forgot: This ex-cop is black.

But he presents himself as an ordinary guy who just so happens to be black.

He does not present himself as a person who is first defined by his color, which makes it the basis of his identity and his entire political program revolves around issues linked to the racial question.

These days, it feels good, right?

We’ll see what happens next, but every time we wonder where common sense has gone, he looks.

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