New York City Hall Race | The end of a strange campaign

(New York) Race leader Eric Adams had to prove to reporters that he lives in Brooklyn, not New Jersey. These are not details for anyone who wants to be elected mayor of New York.

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Richard Hito
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Two of his main rivals, Catherine Garcia and Andrew Yang, campaigned together along the house, forming an unexpected alliance with unexpected consequences.

And it turns out Ray McGuire, the nominee backed by some of the biggest names in rap and movies, is one of the 13 most annoying Democratic contenders for mayor of New York City.

On Tuesday, they will all face each other in a Democratic primary that is supposed to decide which successor to Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio is ineligible for a third term, which will end one of the world’s strangest campaigns. New York History.

For months, New Yorkers largely ignored it, devoting their attention to the epidemic that has killed more than 33,000 people and devastated the local economy. And when they became interested, they discovered a handful of unknown or uninspiring candidates, with the possible exception of Andrew Yang, the former presidential candidate, who had been at the head of the polls for several weeks. This was before he started making blunders and proving that he might not be ready to lead a city with great challenges.

The result: Democratic voters could number about 800,000, or 21% of registered voters, according to projections made by the advance poll. Given the fact that the Republican primaries will oppose two candidates whose appeal is almost non-existent in a Democratic stronghold like New York, the next mayor of the US capital can be chosen by only 14% of all voters in New York.

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High crime rate

According to the latest polls, it may be Mayor Eric Adams, the mayor of Brooklyn and former chief of the New York City Police (NYPD). The 60-year-old African-American athlete has made crime-fighting his primary focus. He could become the second black mayor of New York, 32 years after David Denkins, thanks to an unprecedented electoral alliance, formed in particular by blacks of a certain age and whites who own homes in neighborhoods other than Manhattan.

The increase in crime is real. But New York is still far from 2,000 murders a year in the 1980s and 1990s. According to the latest data, 181 murders were committed since the beginning of the year, up from 162 murders at the same time of year. The latter is an increase of 11.7%.

The election of Eric Adams would be a massive slap in the face for progressives in New York, who favor Maya Wiley, civil rights attorney and former legal advisor to Mayor de Blasio. The Left in New York criticizes Eric Adams, a former Republican, for being too close to real estate developers and for wanting to bring Giuliani-era policing back to New York.

Photo by Andrew Kelly, Reuters

Maya Wiley, the Democratic nominee for mayor of New York

For its part, the media published articles questioning its integrity and transparency. In particular, Politico journalists determined that the candidate often slept in the town hall where his office is located and that he participated in discussions about Zoom From New Jersey, where he owns an apartment with his partner.

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The day after Politico’s article was published, Eric Adams invited reporters to visit a three-story basement apartment he owned in Brooklyn. He explained to them that it was his home. Journalists reported all this with some skepticism.

preferential voting

Another unusual sight was the last weekend of the campaign. Two of the lead candidates, Andrew Yang and Catherine Garcia, held joint events on Saturday, with the former encouraging supporters to register the latter, the former head of municipal bodies, as a second choice on the ballot.

Photo by Gina Moon (Reuters)

Andrew Yang and Catherine Garcia held joint activities on Saturday

It should be understood that preferential voting will begin in New York on Tuesday. Democrats will be able to choose in order of preference up to five candidates. If no candidate receives more than 50% of the first-choice votes, the vote counting will continue in a round until only two candidates are left.

Eric Adams denounced Yang Garcia’s alliance, saying that his rivals wanted to prevent a “person of color” from becoming mayor. Andrew Yang, the son of Taiwanese immigrants, replied, “I would like to tell Eric Adams that I have been a person of color all my life.”

Eric Adams later modified his accusation by saying that his rivals wanted to prevent a black or Latino from becoming mayor.

Meanwhile, Maya Wiley has had the support of another prominent progressive senator, Alessandra Biagi, who follows in the footsteps of two icons of the American left, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Elizabeth Warren. The African American candidate has risen to second place in several recent polls.

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But the outcome of the race remains uncertain due to remaining questions about voter makeup and the impact of preferential voting. One thing is for sure: Ray McGuire, the former second-in-command of Citigroup, will not be New York’s next mayor, nor does he offend Jay-Z, Diddy, Nas and Spike Lee, who have offered their support.

The inspiring campaign of the former African-American organic financier never ended.

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