New way to detect tidal waves early?

for centuries, tsunami Among the most terrifying natural disasters. It’s really hard to protect yourself when the ocean starts to rage towards the shore. The best we can do is try to discover the signs that led to the disaster in time. Against this background, scientists have detected a signal that can be detected long before sea level rises, the magnetic fields created by giant waves.

In the past, scientists speculated that magnetic field disturbance could be a useful factor in tsunami warning systems. However, this disturbance was not measured with sea level rise during actual tsunamis. According to geophysicist Zhiheng Lin from Kyoto University in Japan, previous studies did not have observational data for the change in the ocean level. But for their new study, they were able to get hold of this data, and they found that observations of these levels match the data in magnetic fields and with theoretical simulations. credits

Detecting magnetic fields can save a minute or two during a tsunami, but it can make all the difference when it comes to saving lives.

What did the magnetic field measurements show?

During their work, the scientists observed and collected data from two real tsunamis. There was a tsunami in Samoa in 2009 and another in Chile in 2010.

According to the information, the measured numbers confirmed that the magnetic field generated by the conducting waves arrived before the waves themselves. This field can also be used to predict wave height.

Scientists explain that the time of detection of magnetic fields depends on the depth of the water. Thus, for a sea with a depth of 4800 m, the detection time before the arrival of the wave is about 1 minute. Height changes that do not exceed a few centimeters can also be detected.

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According to Nisha Schnepf, a geomagnetic researcher at the University of Colorado, Boulder, who was not involved in the study, explained that the practical goal of this discovery would be the ability to get better predictions about which areas to alert. There is also information about the seriousness of the phenomenon in certain places.

current limits

Although this is an important finding, this prediction technique still has some limitations. First of all, there are not many monitoring stations that can record this type of magnetic field data. Additionally, the measurements only work on the high seas where there is little background environmental noise.

The team behind the study says the ability to collect more data using more complex stations is essential when considering the devastation of the tsunami. Let’s hope that this new technology can be used in the best way to protect as many people as possible from the devastation caused by giant waves.

source: Science

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