New uses for TikTok

Multiple reports show that in 2022, TikTok’s dominance has gone far beyond its original entertainment promise. The social network is now used to consult news and conduct research.

TikTok’s influence is no longer just entertainment

according to Today’s social mediaAnd the “TikTok’s meteoric rise is undeniable and unprecedented”. The ByteDance-owned platform has spawned new trends in content consumption that have spread to most other media in one way or another. In fact, new reports show that TikTok’s impact doesn’t stop at entertainment. Young users are increasingly relying on the app to check news or search for products.

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Given the supposed ties between TikTok and the Chinese government, these new uses could be cause for concern. mark Brainstorming Technology 2022Prabhakar Raghavan, senior vice president at Google, said younger users are now turning to Instagram and TikTok, rather than Google apps, for discovery. explain it “In our study, we note that 40% of young people who search for a restaurant go not to Google Maps or search, but to TikTok or Instagram”.

Multipurpose Social Network

This development in uses is not surprising given the ubiquity of the application and its popularity among young people. Instagram is trying not to be left behind. The app recently launched an interactive map to discover popular places (such as cafes, bars, restaurants) nearby. When it comes to news content, the UK Communications Office released a new report this week showing that TikTok is now the fastest growing source of news among UK adults.

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Among teens aged 12-15, Instagram is the most popular news platform, closely followed by TikTok and YouTube. Thus TikTok becomes an application that is used for multiple purposes. However, this crazy growth of the United States may slow down. In fact, earlier this month the FCC commissioner called on Apple and Google to ban TikTok from their app stores, over concerns that the app could be used as a surveillance tool by the Chinese government.

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