New US and British sanctions against the country

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This announcement was made one year after the day following the re-election of Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko, an election considered ” con man By Joe Biden. The United States, the United Kingdom and Canada have unveiled a new round of coordinated sanctions against Minsk. Personalities such as companies are targeted.

The substance and form of these penalties are intended to be severe. A statement issued by the White House stated that it was announced that Joe Biden had signed a new sanctions decree. The goal, according to the US Treasury, is to strike at the companies, entities, and entrepreneurs who act as “governors” of the system.

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This is the case of the Belarus National Olympic Committee: the institution is accused by Washington of money laundering. Besides the United Kingdom, the United States is also imposing sanctions on the state-owned Belaruscali Corporation, a company valuable to the regime because it is one of the world’s largest producers of potash.

Targeted Financial Products

Canada specifically targets financial products. Finally, Ottawa, Washington and London jointly imposed sanctions on exports of petroleum products. Businessmen from these vital sectors are also targeted.

In twelve months of repression against dissent, sanctions have doubled without tangible results. The most recent measurements from Westerners, including Europeans, date back to two months ago. They were identified after the emergency landing of Ryanair’s plane in Minsk, and the arrest of dissident Roman Protasevich and his fiancée, who were on the plane.

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On July 28, Joe Biden received a Belarusian opponent in exile at the White House Svetlana TikhanovskaIt is a strong sign of support for whoever claims to win the 2020 presidential election.

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