New Ticketmaster bug for Taylor Swift’s Paris dates

Ticket sales for American superstar Taylor Swift’s Paris concerts were suspended on Tuesday shortly after they were launched on the Ticketmaster platform, which had already run into obstacles for the artist last year.

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“The sale of the La Defense Arena in Paris has been frozen,” Ticketmaster wrote on French social networks. “We will keep you informed of a new sale time as soon as possible,” the platform continues. [mardi] morning”.

Taylor Swift, a popular personality with 267 million subscribers on Instagram, has added an additional date for Paris La Défense, the largest indoor hall in Europe, which she should receive on the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th of 2024.

These four Parisian concerts will mark the beginning of Translator’s European tour Cruel summer. Tickets for the four dates at the Paris La Defense Arena were due to go on sale on Tuesday morning. Registrations for sale have been closed since June 23.

This isn’t the first such mishap for the platform. In a US Senate grilling, Ticketmaster admitted at the start of the year that it bore “responsibility” for the ticket-selling cacophony in the US for US superstar Taylor Swift’s November 2022 tour.

However, the giant show ticketing company was quick to point the finger at joint responsibility for “bot attacks” that would have drastically slowed the platform’s operations while tickets went on sale in mid-November.

This chaotic situation has revived criticism of the giant’s dominant position in the ticket sales sector, which in 2010 merged with entertainment giant Live Nation. Without naming it directly, the singer slammed the platform in an Instagram post, claiming she was “screwed out” after watching so many of her fans “live a nightmare.”

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