New species of extinct ants discovered in amber

new Ocean From ant just became extinct in a Piece of amber It is found in Ethiopia. the name of the thing Desyopone is here It was described in a magazine post insectscan be analyzed simultaneously with thirteen male fossilized males in amber using different imaging techniques. In particular, the researchers were able to date the sample thanks to microfossils Also called paleomorphs found in amber: everything comes from a beginning mucinbetween 16 and 23 million years ago.

But identification as a new species was made by comparison with existing ant data. like so little fossils Frominsects Found in AfricaAnd the “The specimen provides what is currently a unique insight into antiquity forest ecosystem In Africa “, Vincent Berchot explains in A communicationco-author of the study and paleontologist at university reindeer. Fragments of amber were collected there only for scientific study for two decades, gradually revealing the continent’s past.

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