New space for contemplation at Beauregard Cemetery

It’s called the Quarter of the Four Seasons and it was just made up at Beauregard Cemetery in Neuchâtel. The city of Neuchâtel explains in a press release that it is less secret than the Garden of Remembrance but is not as personal as a shrine, it allows the desires of the families of the deceased to be satisfied.

Relatives often explain to us that they “wish to be able to pour ashes in a place where they could congregate, without necessarily being a place or grave, but not in a completely unknown way either, as in Garden,” Montserrat Canetti, in charge of the city cemeteries, explains in the statement Tuesday’s journalist. “

Four giant sculptures

This new arrangement consisted of four large granite sculptures, mounted on a balcony. These four gigantic leaves, symbolizing the four seasons and the path of life, are the work of Lime marble artist Fabien Janmayer.

Colored glass disks, bearing the deceased’s first and last name, will be attached to the sites left to select relatives. The ashes will be buried nearby, without being able to recover them. The plaque explaining the process and the symbolism of the place denotes the city.

And while you kindly see the end of the cemetery’s redevelopment, which began in 2019 and is supposed to be completed in the summer, the city has also announced that it plans to hold celebrations once a year with families who have lost a child.

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