New smartphone pictures appear

Three new images of the Google Pixel 6 have appeared via the case maker. What we’re seeing from the smartphone’s design is consistent with what we’ve already seen in previous leaks. However, these images allow you to see the smartphone from new angles, especially the edge.

credit: /leaks

Google Pixel 6 release is imminent nowAnd, sign not to be deceived, it’s the leaks, every day more numerous around the smartphone. Thus we were able to discover a completely new design and visual language that stands out from previous generations..

The main changes are on the back of the device: the image sensor module Now it takes the form of a black headband with an orange accent directly above. Up front, we have, for the most part, a smartphone screen with regular borders on all four sides.

Google Pixel 6: new photos of the smartphone surface

still has Slight “chin”. The selfie sensor is also hidden under a hole that is placed in the middle of the top of the screen. The side borders look slightly curved to reduce the visual footprint of the border.

Pixel 6
credit: /leaks

However, so far there is still a problem. Almost every rendering available has made the Pixel 6’s back look somewhat flat.. But a new leak on SlashLeaks shows the smartphone from new angles.

It is rather a surprise: Everything indicates that the unit that hides the image sensors will be very thick – Not just a little, because device profile authentication, This lug will be practically the same thickness as the body of the smartphone.

Pixel 6
credit: /leaks

The fact that image sensors are causing a growth on the backs of smartphones is a common occurrence. Nobody is really bothered by the slight misalignment this causes when the smartphone is placed with its back on the table.

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though, This design, despite its thickness, precisely promises that the smartphone will always give the feeling of being perfectly fixed to the surfaces.. What do you think of this design? Share your opinion with us in the comments on this article.

Source : / Leaks

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