New releases on Thursday, March 31

On Thursday, March 31st on Netflix: You have a choice between like adultsa Japanese reality show, and Super Pops: Puppies Like No OtherChildren’s series!

Before closing in March, Netflix It stopped with the latest release of a new Turkish series and an Argentine movie. Viewers were also able to discover two new documentaries: Crypto-parano, investigating the limits of defaultwhich follows angry investors who turn detectives to track down a large sum of money allegedly stolen from them by crypto tycoon Jerry Cotten, and Diomedes, the icon of the faded songwhich traces the journey of the famous Colombian-born singer accused of killing a fan in his house at a party in 1997. Fans of Leonardo DiCaprio can also enjoy the latest movie release The wonderful Gatsby on Netflix. This cinematic masterpiece by Baz Luhrmann spotlights Nick Caraway, an intern writer who is based in New York. Desiring to enjoy the American Dream, he shares his life with a mysterious millionaire, Jay Gastby, who is behind the biggest socialite, his cousin Daisy and her traitorous husband, Tom Buchanan. But before discovering the latest in April, Netflix has two final surprises planned for you.

Netflix launch like adults, Japanese reality show

In the program on Thursday, March 31, subscribers will be able to watch like adults, a cult Japanese reality show. In this show, the film crew will follow the kids who go out on their own to do some shopping for the first time. And you, would you be able to let your kids go out on their own? This original program straight from Japan is not to be missed!

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Super PupZ, dogs like no other, New Japanese reality TV to discover on Netflix

Another novelty: Super PupZ, dogs like no other. After showing the movie furry friendDogs are now the focus of a new children’s series. Created by Robert Vince, this Canadian production follows four superhero pups, who will unite to help their human friends and a cute alien on a cosmic adventure blending friendship and affection. Join actors Arya Birch, April Cameron, David Fair, Dave Foley and Brian George in this new series for kids and teens, perfect to watch after school!

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