New mini-series breaks all records on Netflix, ends to cancel ‘The Lady’s Game’

Obviously, Netflix is ​​doubling the boxes. After the inevitable Squid, a new mini-series is breaking all records on the streaming platform. Soon, The Lady’s Game won’t be the most watched mini-series on Netflix.

Records, records and more records. At the moment, Netflix binds high-profile boxes and series. Here, there will be no question squid game But well a mini-series is about to take him down Mrs. gameThe most watched short series in the platform’s history.


Have you ever heard of maid? No? Well, it won’t be long. In fact, according to Netflix’s latest financial report, this mini-series is about to break the record for the most-watched series during its first month of broadcasting, thus eliminating The Lady’s Game. The latter was viewed more than 62 million times in one month. maidFor its part, it should reach 67 million if it continues its momentum.

maid It is an American mini-series created by Molly Smith Metzler based on the memoirs The maid: hard work, low pay, and a mother’s will to survive by Stephanie Land. The series online since October 1 tells the story of Alex, a young woman who becomes a housekeeper to support her daughter. The series consists of 10 episodes of 50 minutes each.

There are still more subscribers on Netflix

Recent cases of Netflix have allowed the platform to attract new subscribers, despite the high prices around the world. Despite everything, Netflix’s supremacy can be undermined by Disney+ which continues to attract new followers. According to observers, the Disney platform should reach 284.2 million subscribers by 2026, simultaneously surpassing Netflix, which will reach about 270 million subscribers that year. The future will tell us if these predictions are correct.

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