New graphics for Espace Jeunes de Trégunc – Trégunc

The new graffiti for Espaces Jeunes de Trégunc opened last Friday to great fanfare. It was created by a small group of members. And so Mathieu, Paul, Cassandra, Edouard and the others revealed to their friends and a few parents present what graffiti they had managed to achieve in the framework of “On S’lance” deviceand obtain financing of 665 euros. “These four young men have been frequenting the Hulk for several years, they have been keen to support this project, and the idea is to show that Espace Jeunes is still alive!”, Julien Chasris, director, notes. After several attempts, it was decided to represent strong memories of activities: a corn maze, music projects, camping … as well as four pebbles, which is the nickname given to the four previous project leaders.

This is done in four days

The process was accepted by Trégunc representatives, and the process was validated for its financial aid by an “On S’lance” jury, made up of professionals and members of CAF. Twelve young men, aged between 11 and 17, were then involved in all stages of graffiti creation, with professional graffiti artist Lillian Le Steyer. “Lillian drew the main lines and everyone could then do the fill, gradients, and details. The entire wall was finished in four mornings,” the young graffiti artists, proud of, rightly noted…

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