New function to “draw” your corrections as in Paint

Google Maps just introduced a new function called Desktop Road Editor, and it lets you plot lost roads like in Paint.

It was already possible to alert Google in the event of map errors. Going forward, Google will publish a tool to correct the error directly on the map. A job that would definitely be useful outside of urban areas where you could still end up with closed roads, a bike lane missing …

How does Desktop Road Editor work?

Currently, if you are trying to add a missing road, for example, you need to put a set point where the road should be and enter the name of the road to have this information sent to Google. The new tool should facilitate not only adding missing roads, but also making repairs like correcting the road name or direction (for example, if the road is one way but Google Maps says it is not. Not the bag, not the case).

Of course, Google will always check your corrections to make sure they are correct. After submitting a change with the new tool, you’ll see a screen warning Google that it doesn’t want to mark the bike lane as a road, for example. This screen also indicates that it will take approximately seven days for Google to review your submission.

Pictures without having to leave a comment

Google took the opportunity to add a function called, in French, “photo updates”, and this now allows you to add photos and information about a place (restaurant, company, company, etc.) without the need to systematically leave a review. It could be a tip or just a few recent photos of the place in question.

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You can Download Google Maps In this address on various mobile platforms.

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