New fashion inspired by fans and abroad?

Have you ever seen a pig with a groove on stage? An astronaut sings in space? Or a banana riding a mirror dumpling? So, get ready to be truly surprised to discover the first images of singer maskAnd the Which starts on Friday 1 Verse April at TF1.

These hilarious creatures are among the new characters in season 3 hosted by Camille Cumbal. Under the eyes of the public and the jury made up of Alessandra Sublette, Angon, Gary and Keefe Adams, 12 stars agreed to hide their identities behind colorful masks and sweeping costumes. Every evening, they sign unique musical performances into a theater show worthy of a musical show. The principle remains unchanged: appease onlookers to escape exclusion and not reveal the mask!

Costumes that change throughout the episodes

This year again, singer mask It promises to be rich in innovation and continues to reinvent itself season after season. And in particular, for the clothes of 12 characters (Famous in music, sports, entertainment, politics…). “In terms of fashion, we once again tried to surprise people,” Anthony Meunier, producer of the TF1 Show, confirmed during the press conference on February 28.

Some costumes will be upgradable During the episodes, while others will light a scene singer maskAnd the With special effects and technology. The way for the candidates to give up and surprise the masses. “We have tried to create events also in costumes which gives them something to enjoy on stage for the show,” the producer told us, adding. “It allows you to tell a story with songs, to paint more beautiful paintings.”

Original or foreign-inspired fashion

But, where does the production draw its inspiration for creating such lavish costumes? For this, the technical difference singer mask Approach more different partners in France. “This year we have worked with more workshops, in particular two little girls from Lille and Toulouse,” confirms Anthony Meunier, as The tigress was made by a 21-year-old girl from Lille. “We are fortunate to work with very creative people, to have fun and push boundaries. Anything is possible and that’s great.”

The production is clearly keeping an eye on international releases for entertainment, Born from the original Korean format The king of the mask singer Created in 2015. “We are of course inspired by everything that is done out there,” says the famous producer. Like this year, the Tree, a character seen in season 1 in the UK, bananas, the main creature of season 3 in the US, as well as the crocodile in season 4 and the chameleon as seen in season 5 transatlantic.

though, Our French version also provided some ideas for our peersAs Camille Compal tells us. “Aliens also wear the costumes we made in France, like a robot,” played by Daniel Levy, who reached the finals last year. In the United States, unfortunately, this outfit did not bring luck to rapper Lil Wayne, who was excluded from the third season. Another example, the gorgeous mouth he wears Frederic Bell (season 2) as a costume for American host Wendy Williams (on season 4 in the US).

Fashion soon reimagined by fans?

Before giving their first Friday performance on TF1, How do candidates organize themselves to choose their mask? According to producer Anthony Meunier, “It’s a catalog composed over the months leading up to the first date” where each star can choose and find their favorite costume. Beware of those with the same admiration for crabs or butterflies…first come, first serve!

“Sometimes they come up with a very specific idea in mind, even sketches and here we start with their idea,” we were told. Stars are free to choose their outfits as they will feel more comfortable giving them a voice Banana split From Lio, or otherwise When we come to town from Starmania. A musical show that continues to gather millions of viewers with family or friends.

Among them, some are very impressed with the show singer maskThey do not hesitate to offer their suggestions. “We receive a lot of drawings from children and teens. There are sometimes very good ideas,” the production confirms before slipping. “We’re trying to find a way to make sure that in Season 4, there’s an outfit that someone in the audience has completely imagined.” Maybe one day your favorite celebrity will disappear under one of your creations… In the meantime, the first clues from the stars have already been revealed on social networks, so check in and get ready to unmask her!

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