New faces in J-Jeez athletes

Posted on Friday 26th March 2021

New faces in J-Jeez athletes

Visual Credit: Spencer Murdock – Contribution

Article by Mary Yves Dougway – Journalist

Since last February, the U of O American football team has had to be creative for their recruitment. Lliam Horrocks, George Reynolds and Kylian Freslon are the three enthusiastic buddies who settled on the bench this year. Meanwhile, coach Marcel Bellevue is joined by Dennis Beach and Brad Miller, who intend to guide the team into the winning season.

Bellevuell, who resumed his position within the team during 2020, states that hiring this year differs from the methods used in the past, and this is not only in form, but also in terms of preferred qualities among the candidates. According to him, the Ramadi and Agate team is now looking for French-speaking or bilingual players who not only have great athletic ability but also have academic prowess. The coach says he is very satisfied with his new recruits and confirms that their diverse experiences will be a source of great strength for next season

different ways …

Horrocks, who just finished his season in Cocoa, Florida, says he decided to head to his hometown Ottawa to join the U of O. a bilingual defender whose career marked his career at St. James in the US, testifies to the luck he had to achieve. His dream is to play American football at the university level.

Freslon is from France and comes from a family of rugby enthusiasts. This familiarity with the sport made him an ideal defensive player, which is what the coach of the team supports, describing him as a strong and fast element. He explains that while playing Cégep de Jonquière in Quebec, he was recruited by the U of O. Despite the many offers made to him, he says he chose the Gee-Gees largely because of his virtual meetings with Jean-Vincent Posy-Audette, the curator Defensive team, and his sincerity.

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The coach reveals that Reynolds will leave London in August to settle in Ottawa. A member of the NFL Academy in the United Kingdom, the midfielder has so many abilities that the coach says will make him an exceptional player. He demonstrates that his accuracy in throwing and his understanding of the sport distinguishes him from others.

… but common goals

While new recruits have completely different career paths, they all share the same goal: success. By joining the team, Horrocks, who hopes to “make a positive impact on the field,” is hoping that Frieslon and Reynolds will secure a place for them in U of O football history.

Frieslon also adds that he is looking forward to developing as a player and willing to put in the effort necessary to lead the team to victory. He says he can’t wait to put on a G-J uniform and will “honor him in his first year.”

To achieve these goals, Bellefeuille recruited two new members of the coaching team. He notes that Piché’s career in France and Quebec makes him the ideal recruiter for French-speaking players. Having worked with the Green Bay Packers and the Montreal Alouettes, Head Coach Miller is an expert in technology and player training. Therefore, Bellefeuille is confident that together they will be able to push the team to its fullest potential.

Next season

Despite the pandemic, Bellefeuille has big goals for the start of next fall. He wants to be able to take advantage of the following months to teach the team new playing strategies, review rules and improve processes that were already in place in previous years.

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However, Bellefeuille insists the team still needs to watch out for COVID-19. The health and safety of players and coaches is more important than sports.

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