New display of the seven fingers of the hand

new offer My island, my heart From Les 7 Doigts de la main to be presented from June 8, 2022 at Studio-Cabaret in Espace St-Denis, during the 13NS Montreal is completely a circus.

This is the first announcement issued by the festival in anticipation of its next session, which will run from 7 to 17 July.

This will be the first production opening for Studio-Cabaret, formerly known as Théâtre St-Denis 2.

The production, which was flagged on Monday, will be an “immersive circus cabaret” and will be presented alternately in French and English. Shanna Carroll is the one who wrote the scripts and will direct them. Acrobatic circus numbers, theatre, dance and multimedia will coexist, and dozens of artists will carry them.

It was noted that the show will “tell the city through the journey of a newcomer, who is guided by Montreal by a romantic affair. The first spark, quickly quenched, gives way to another flame. During this passionate journey, her interests change, and her love for Montreal is revealed, and the initial pursuit of the love of sterile will pave the way for a new, deep and lasting relationship.”

Tickets are on sale Monday, On-line.

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