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When we evaluate the positive things that happened in 2020, we are almost obligated to include the tremendous enthusiasm about a video game released in 2018: Between Us. This game with a very simple mechanism basically owes its success besides it is easy to use and above all it has been widely highlighted by many well-known banners.

Between us is reinventing itself

So far, if “Between Us” is no longer at its highest level, InnerSloth studio has other ideas behind its head to re-launch its declining license. The developers just released a new map overview video titled “Airship”. This is the largest map in the game, with many new tasks to perform, especially the possibility to choose the room in which the game begins.

“Airship” It will be freely available from March 31, 2021. InnerSloth can also take advantage of this update to improve its moderation system. We can read in an article published by the studio: “A proper moderation system is very difficult and takes a long time. It’s not that simple to have a” report “button and an algorithm that blocks a person after a certain number of reports.” This update should also introduce some new harmless features like adding new caps.

In November 2020, Between us peaked at 500 million players, The rise in popularity is so impressive that InnerSloth chose to cancel a planned sequel to focus on the original.

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