Netizens were dazzled by this shocking documentary

A Netflix documentary series has got the best reviews from internet users. Everyone who’s seen it seems to agree on one point: it’s worth watching. What series are we talking about?

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Inside the harshest prisons in the world It is a documentary series presented by the Netflix streaming platform. The viewer takes to a new prison with each episode. From Costa Rica to Norway, through Papua New Guinea, the journalists who worked on the series shed light on seeing the interiors of these prisons, the way they operate, and their cultural differences. The idea? Understand how they work and also understand how prisoners develop in this harsh prison world: how are they treated? What is the role of gangs? Who is the prison he runs? In this documentary series, where Netflix knows how to produce, viewers go through all the states following journalist Raphael Rowe who lives a life behind bars by investigating dangerous prisons in Paraguay, Germany, Mauritius, Lesotho…

“It’s really not bad at all and very interesting”

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Netizens took the time to describe their feelings on Twitter after watching the new season of Inside the harshest prisons in the world : “The new season of Inside the World’s Toughest Prison I recommend it, the best prison document ever, from season two when there’s a new host. Anyway, watch”And the “I would like to have a sequel in the harshest prisons in the world”And the “Inside the world’s harshest prisons on Netflix, it’s not bad at all and very interesting journalists, who infiltrate prisons all over the world, the most dangerous” or “I’ve been watching episodes of Inside the cruelest prison in the world for three days, I’m impressed, but it’s official, I won’t survive for one minute and 30 in prison”.

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“Deterioration after popularity destroys concepts”

Despite the chorus of praise, some point to some problems with the documentary series: “The problem with the netflix docs is that it’s super quality when released and that the subsequent decline in popularity destroys concepts usually inside the harshest prisons in the world, season was released there so wrong Ep 1 Moldova: Private Cell, we don’t see the rest, Episode 2 Cyprus: Hotel 5” where “Inside the harshest prison in the world, oops it was uncomfortable anyway.” But such criticisms are rare and everyone agrees that the concept is really interesting and that the series is worth watching.

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