Netherlands, Mexico, United States… Michel Houellebecq, more admired abroad than in France

In twenty years, the author Map and area (2010) and dedication (2010) has become a literary export product that fascinates the planet. ” Michel Houellebecq is more controversial in France than abroad. Antoine overlooks Jurka, the best expert on Hullebeckism. His taste for provocation shocks French people more than foreign readers, who are above all interested in his works. In 2012, Sabine van Wesemael, an academic from the University of Amsterdam and her colleague, hosted an international discussion that later fed into an inspiring work on star receptions and readings around the world.

He is portrayed as a Seneca, a Balzac, the best master of misguided humanity. For example, in the Netherlands, “ He is considered to be the author who translated the socio-cultural questions that haunted us with the utmost humor and ingenuity: there were no allegations of racism, misogyny or hopeless nihilism in the Dutch press. On the contrary, we admire his intelligence, his humor, his views on the spirit of the modern age, and his purely literary qualities.


Germany, too, appreciates the poll, its jokes and its excellent books and premium on loneliness or fear. Russian readers were among the first fans: after the fall of the Wall in Europe, they saw him as a novelist who critiqued this tumultuous ultra-liberalism they discovered in the depths of their souls. Norwegian academics, in 1997, first organized a major seminar. Should we burn Michel Houellebecq? “, And answer:” Of course not .

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In Spain, this is appreciated, but relevant ” Event “Of the public person” The opposite example of elegant and complete master of editorial marketing “. It also affects cubes:” The author, from his first novel, systematically represented gender inequalities that no one before him had done in literature. », Observes Montreal educator Helene Dumas. He maintains a leading blog on “MH” and collects enthusiastic reviews from previous readers. The rudeness of words, the clarity of vision and the emotions that emanate from it (living misery, to be loved) .

In the United States, we question it on the edge of the Voxism plate, but we feel it’s one. Prophet “From Walkway (2001) Released during the Word Trade Center attacks. According to Professor Elizabeth Cipilio, the general Italian people have the same sensitivity. At the forefront of Latin America, Mexico and Colombia, she swallows him freely: ” His voice, which does not realize the beauty of multiculturalism as the promises of liberalism, cares for others: the powerless, the frustrated, the failed, but the false conquerors. “Carlos Dello, a professor at the University of Paris-7, is shocked. Michel Houellebecq: The total star of globalization.

Cross-reading by Michel Houellebecq, Antoine Jurga and Sabine van Wesemael (dir.), Classiques Garnier, 300 p., € 39, 2017.

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