Netflix’s shy first step into video games

In recent days, video games have been featured in Netflix mobile shows. It is still a very light penetration designed to expand its catalog even further.

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NSIt’s not really what you would call high reach. Without ads or a lot of communication, Netflix already rolled out five video games at the beginning of the month within its app.

In recent days, subscribers to the video-on-demand service using an Android phone can find six games under the Games tab of the Netflix app. Clicking one of them, and returning to a page of the Google Play Store will open to allow it to be downloaded. Apple phone users, for their part, should find these games right in the store.

The service is free if you already have a subscription, it’s meant to be “premium”. Thus, the games are available at no additional cost, without advertising or in-app purchase. Admittedly, it’s not all about basic gaming and justifying a Netflix subscription per se, but it’s still functional and well-produced.

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