Netflix will launch its new password sharing policy in 2023

Sharing passwords on Netflix is ​​a common practice, but 2023 could mark the end of this process. Due to lower profits this year and lower subscriber numbers, Netflix is ​​about to implement a strict new password sharing policy outside the home.

Starting in 2023, Netflix will require those who share passwords to pay a small additional cost: the streaming platform has already tested this measure in the form of a $3 surcharge in some countries. However, it is possible that Netflix will simply force users to sign up for a second account to get a slightly cheaper subscription.

History of the Netflix password sharing campaign

This new policy was going to be adopted one day or another. Netflix has turned a blind eye to sharing passwords for some time, even though it violates the streaming platform’s terms of service. However, Netflix managed to turn a blind eye when things were going wrong and the platform’s recent issues have been forcing them to find new ways to increase subscribers and revenue. Netflix lost nearly a million subscribers between April and July as an increasing number of users decided to leave the platform.

according to Mac rumorsAbout 222 million households subscribed Share the same password, and Netflix wants to monetize 100 million more families.

The streaming platform has already introduced a new advertising policy to get more people to sign up amid the global cost of living crisis. However, the onset is slow, according to The Verge. Only 9% of US Netflix subscriptions in November were for ” Basic with ads That makes it the least popular Netflix show, according to new data from the analytics company pneumatic. In addition to the subscribers of the show ” Basic with ads Those who have signed up for Netflix, Antenna notes that 0.1% of existing US Netflix subscribers have converted to ” Basic with ads ” In November.

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When Netflix starts cracking down on password sharing, the company will be able to tell if you try to keep doing it. The platform collects large amounts of user data and shared passwords can be detected by IP addresses, device identifiers, and account activity.

British authorities say sharing Netflix passwords may be illegal

For subscribers in the UK, the situation could get even more complicated, as the UK watchdog considers word-sharing illegal. Intellectual property office has issued new guidelines Along with Meta: “Piracy is a major problem for the entertainment and creative industries. Pasting Internet images into your social networks without permission, or accessing movies, TV shows, or live sporting events through pirated Kodi boxes, Fire Sticks, or apps without paying subscription, copyright infringement and you may be committing an offense.”

Why sharing passwords is often a bad idea

Many people share their passwords to streaming services, but it can be harmful to your security. People often choose simple, weak passwords that are easy to remember, and also transfer them from one service to another. Passwords can be shared securely using the features of many password managers, but many people either don’t know about these features or don’t use password managers at all.

Translated article from the American magazine Forbes – Author: Kate O’Flaherty

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