Netflix: Where will “Emily in Paris” Season 2 take place?

Where will the filming of the second season of the popular Netflix series Emily in Paris take place? We will give you more details.

Where it will happen Filming the second season From the hit Netflix series Emily in Paris? MCE TV gives you more details.

Emily will be back on Netflix soon

After the resounding success of the first season of Emily in Paris, Netflix had no choice but to renew its show for a second season. The famous sequel So the series is in production!

For now, no The release date has not been announced yet. But we could find our favorite American on our screens by the end of the year.

Anyway, Netflix has announced Filming the series has already begun! Moreover, in a video that was posted on social networks, the actors own themselves They announced the good news to their fans!

You will be returning Lily Collins To play our adorable Emily. Lucas Bravo will also be there to play Don Juan as Gabriel.

Filipino actress Leroy Pollio Resumes Her role as a sponsor. Ashley Park also returns for this new season as Mindy Chen.

Samuel Arnold and Bruno Gruy will return to play with Julian and Luke, respectively. Finally, Camille Razat will continue as well, Adventure Season Two.

So was the entire cast Found for the new season. But besides that, where can we meet our favorite stars? We tell you everything!

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Filming Emily in Paris

Not surprisingly, the production team for the Netflix series has set up their cameras in the French capital. So Emily’s team will be in Paris all over the classy streets of Paris. So this is where you can You have a chance to cross them.

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But in this new season, Netflix has decided to travel with its heroines. Young Emily You will be able to discover the country.

In fact, the young lady will be too Via Saint-Tropez, for example. But there are other places too.

Even if the broadcast giant does not want to reveal more, we imagine that it will tour the Cote d’Azur. Moreover, if Emily goes to Saint-Tropez, that means she has agreed Follow Matteo in the south of France.

Gabriel on his part decided to stay in Paris after all. Anyway, there’s a good chance that Emily’s second season in Paris revolves around the love trio Made up of Camille, Emily, and Gabriel.

So we can’t wait to find out New, unpublished episodes of the show. The imaging should also take place over a period of 3 months. If all goes well.

At the moment, the American giant has not revealed anything More in the new season. Stay tuned, close.