Netflix: What’s that new tab popping up on your smartphone?

Netflix has launched a new tab on its interface. It’s called “For Laughs,” and it’s inspired by TikTok and aims to help users choose their new favorite series.

If you’ve recently updated the Netflix app on your smartphone, you’ve probably noticed a new tab integration. Ago September 23 past, category “to laugh” Called himself on the interface of some Android devices. Right from the main page, this new tab allows you to watch or browse the funniest scenes from the series and movies broadcast on the platform.

Announced in March 2021, this new feature was built with TikTok in sight. While the Chinese app has just crossed one billion downloads, Netflix is ​​undoubtedly hoping to get the attention of its growing users to spend hours browsing their TikTok news feed. Realizing that watching a movie or series can take a long time, it hopes to attract the attention of users who want to enjoy a good laugh between two metro stations.

Credits: Journal du Geek

Concretely, like TikTok, users will be able to scroll through the news feed. The app also offers the ability to share its results with its friends via Messenger or directly in Instagram Stories.

Highlight your products

For Netflix, it’s also a fairly simple way to highlight some of their productions. No doubt, the platform hopes to motivate them to start watching by discovering series or movies. It’s no coincidence that Netflix has added a button “My listOn the side.

At the moment, not all devices are affected. employment Not Google Pixel 3AIt appeared with the new update, while it is absent from most other smartphones. So keep your eyes peeled.

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