Netflix wants to make a series about the Bitter Sweet Symphony case

In 1997, British alternative rock band The Verve presented their biggest hit to the world: “Bitter Sweet Symphony”. What quickly became a popular symphony song turned into a nightmare after experimenting with former Rolling Stones representative Allen Klein.

Klein indicated to The Verve that he sampled a symphonic version of The Last Time, which led to a massive legal battle in which a final resolution was reached in 2019.

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The initial lawsuit reportedly devastated the members of The Verve as they had to pay royalties for the song to ABKCO, Klein’s music label. In a recent conversation with Daily Express (via NME), head band Richard Ashcroft said he finds it great that the song is finally back in control.

Ashcroft took the opportunity to reveal that Netflix was looking to make a docudrama inspired by court litigation. “I saw a very awful script that Netflix was doing on ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony.’” The musician commented, “It was an introspection of how far from the truth these shows could be.”

It was real rubbish. It’s scary that someone wanted to do this and people thought it was right. I hope that doesn’t happen.

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This year, Richard Ashcroft performed a review of the best songs from “The Verve” with the album “Acoustin Hymns Vol. 1”, which also featured a revamped version of “Bitter Sweet Sympony”, already completely under your creativity and commercial control.

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