Netflix wants to help you find your favorite shows in its messy interface

“My Netflix” advertises itself as a “dedicated feature that offers shortcuts that allow you to find your favorite shows.” What you find there more easily in the application catalog ruin.

My Netflix on Smartphone // Source: Netflix

Have you ever searched for a show on Netflix that you previously watched, liked, or set aside for later? It is very likely that yes, knowing that even the oath “my listWhere you can add your favorite series and movies are not always placed in the same place in the application interface.

To simplify all this, Netflix is ​​launching “My Netflix‘, a custom tab quickly risks being equally messy…

My Netflix feature

My NetflixThus the new tab is available on the mobile versions of the app (iOS and Android). Here you can find your downloaded shows, ones you’ve given a thumbs up, ones you’ve watched recently (or are currently watching), trailers you’ve watched and more.

This presents itself as a good idea to easily find programs on the SVoD platform. However, the last sentence of the press release may be intimidating regarding the readability of this section: “The more you interact with Netflix, the more you point out what you like […]The more you enrich the content of the My Netflix tab“.

Other platforms have tried their hand at grouping and sorting content, often with a goal far from the original idea. We can cite for example the tab “for you»Twitter is supposed to place in honor of the content chosen entirely according to the centers of interest of the user or the user. This tab is highly criticized for its inconvenience.

Even if Netflix doesn’t add an algorithmic layer to the whole, the many types of content listed mean that the tab will fill up pretty quickly… to the point where, again, it’s complicated to navigate.

The “My Netflix” region is available worldwide.

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