Netflix wants to buy the special effects studios behind Stranger Things

Netflix wants to get its hands on the studio behind Stranger Things’ digital effects. This deal should materialize in the first quarter of 2022.

Netflix is ​​planning a good acquisition. The SVOD platform continues to expand its ranks with a new company. She just got her hands on Scanline VFX for an amount that is still unknown. Founded in 1989, the German company has many successes to its credit, and they have been working on it recently Black WidowAnd Black Panther And Captain Marvel.

Scandline has also collaborated directly with SVOD, on several productions such as the fourth season of weird skinnygs or movie do not search. It is also the origin of . digital effects Cowboy Bebop, the live version of the popular animated series.

Focus on internal production

This acquisition is a good way for Netflix to take advantage of its movies and home series and control all stages of their production. In 2018, the platform added Alburqueque Studios to its portfolio. So the arrival of Scandline VFX appears to be a way to advance its strategy for the coming years.

The goal is too “Continue to support Scandline’s work in virtual production to push the boundaries of what is visually possible.”

However, Amy Reinhard, vice president of operations at Netflix Studios, insisted that the studio’s efforts would not focus solely on its films. The company should continue to cooperate with Marvel, DC, and many other companies. The platform should also continue to call out other studios for its content.

“We will also continue to rely on many other studios around the world for our visual effects needs so that we can ensure creators have access to the most innovative technology in the world and continue to deliver the most compelling storytelling and forward-thinking for our members.”

1 billion investment

Last year, Reed Hastings announced that it wanted to invest more than $1 billion in expanding its studios. So we can expect that it will double the transactions of this type, to ensure that it maintains its edge in the world of SVOD streaming.

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If the platform is still #1, Disney+ is now following it closely. The service launched in November 2019 has captured the audience largely due to the presence of no less than 116 million paid subscribers across the world. The numbers are much higher than the expectations of Mickey, who is now targeting 213.5 million subscribers in 2024.

Therefore, Netflix has an interest in stepping up its game, to compete with the juggernaut on the big and small screen.

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