Netflix wants to block sharing of accounts with friends

The days of sharing a Netflix account among multiple users could end. In fact, the streaming platform has started sending warnings to certain users that use an account that has not been recognized as their account.

If you are going to use a Netflix account not of yours to watch Lupine Part 2, It may not be possible soon. Netflix has begun taking steps to warn users not to share an account if they are not at the same home.

In fact, according to the Netflix Terms of Use, the customer’s VOD account. It cannot be shared with people outside of your family And lo Netflix has endured this practice for several years. However, in 2019, Netflix wanted to end account sharing between friends.

Netflix is ​​testing ways to end account sharing

Some clients started receiving Message when signed into Netflix, By telling them that they must live in the same house as the account holder. Include message Verification process using a code sent via email or SMS to the person who happens to be the account holderIf they are online from another website. In addition, the message also contains a button ‘ Try it free for 30 days »If he finds out that you are not on your account.

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Some users are currently taking advantage of the ability to watch series on several different screens.. On the Premium package at € 15.99 per month, it is possible, for example, to use 4 screens simultaneously. This inevitably led Internet users to They banded together on the same account to split the price into fourOr even take advantage of another user’s account for free.

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At the moment, it is not clear exactly what leads users to receive this alert or whether all markets are affected. However, Netflix said it was “limited” testing, without specifying whether it will be rolled out in the future. Sharing the account is a real scourge for society, as it will cause it to lose 2 billion euros a year. ConsequentlyIf everyone uses their own accounts, that might encourage Netflix to lower their ratesOr, to provide more original content.

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