Netflix wants a former military base for a big project

Netflix has a big project: Acquisition of a former military base in New Jersey called Fort Monmouth. The streaming giant wants to completely change the site to make it a hub for the production of its future original programming. Basically, build studios, as the big companies (Warner, Universal, Disney, etc.) The company indicated its intention to make an offer on the property without disclosing the amount. Knowing that the Squid game will bring in Netflix $900 million, we imagine the company has the necessary funds. Note that Fort Monmouth was closed by the US government in 2011.

Netflix wants to film works on a former military base – Credit(s): Netflix

Fort Monmouth covers an area of ​​116,954 hectares. Many promoters in addition to Netflix, I suggested large sums such as $100 million. The offers were not accepted but did give an idea of ​​what Netflix would pay to get the building back (if the deal goes through). New Jersey Government Phil Murphy It paved the way for companies like Netflix to set up production studios in the state in the form of tax credits.

In a statement, the politician said he is excited for the streaming company to make a bid for Fort Monmouth. We are talking about creating a large number of jobs. As a benchmark, the company revealed in 2018 that ABQ Studios in New Mexico is operating Up to 1000 people!

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