Netflix unveils the first images of Yasuke, its animated series about the first black samurai

© Netflix / Mappa

It’s been a few months since Netflix introduced more and more animation on its platform. This time, it’s a anime about the first black samurai in history: Yasuki.

In collaboration with MAPPA Studio, Netflix presents anime about the first African samurai. In fact, Yasuki arrived in Japan as slaves at the end of the 16th century, before becoming a samurai. If the anime to be presented by Netflix had the same name, the story wouldn’t be exactly the same.

In fact, parts of Yasuki’s life will be real, but the character will develop in a fictional world. In the anime, Yasuki is a Ronin who must protect a young girl from the dark forces that pursue her.

© Netflix / Mappa
© Netflix / Mappa

To lead this project, Netflix hasn’t surrounded itself with anyone just since we found it in production and direction LeSean Thomas (Cannon BustersAnd the Black dynamite). But also the MAPPA studio we know especially for the latest season of Titans attack. Then the big one Takeshi Koike Responsible for designing the characters’ animation.

The series will have six episodes and will be available on April 29.

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