Netflix: Two very good movies and series that we recommend on Mondays

From inspiration in front of a large number of Netflix catalog? As always, we help you find great movies and series to play on the SVoD service.

Tonight, Children of mankind And the Master for nothing They are our daily advice and both programs are worth checking out.

What movies and series should be discovered on Monday night on Netflix?

Very good suspense movie: Sons of Man

Film synopsis

In the near future, humans will not be able to reproduce: no child was born in over twenty years. As England became a police dictatorship, it mandated his ex-wife Theo Varon to escort a young lady to safety. The latter is the most wanted one on Earth for a simple reason: She is pregnant.

We saw

The talent of Alfonso Cuarón is well established. The Mexican director has won numerous awards throughout his career, including two Academy Awards for Best Director for Rome And the gravity. It’s a versatile director, capable of making intimate black and white movies (Rome), Such as adapting large-scale epics such as Harry Potter.

With Children of mankind, Cuarón signs excellent dystopia and one of the best anticipation movies of the 2000s. Here, the future is not full of funny gadgets, it has been turned upside down by epidemics, attacks, pollution and massive migration.

The atmosphere is violent and the mighty are ruthless to the refugees. The film is therefore also thought-provoking, due to the contemporary issues it addresses. In addition to the desire to reflect our society, Children of mankind Stand out for its precise launch.

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The style, sometimes documentary, brings out the impression of realism and an immersion in this terrifying future. A consecutive seven-minute drive in the car defines morale in particular.

Fans of science fiction and suspense will find their account in this feature-length film, arguably one of Alfonso Cuaron’s best films.

  • This is the movie trailer:

Popular comedy: Master of none

Series summary

Love, friends and pains of Dev, an actor of Indian descent who is looking for meaning to give to his existence. Between two commercials (his specialty by default), he dedicates himself to his second passion: gastronomy.

Always looking for the best places in New York, his love for pasta only compares with good humor. Funny, lovable, and kind, Dev also asks existential questions about life and what he can do for others.

As for the heart, he’s also far from a long, quiet river … thankfully, his cheerful group of friends is there to console him when everything doesn’t go as planned.

We saw

The banality of his magic series. Dev lives a normal life, with totally normal everyday interests. The Thirty American Epicurean is completely sympathetic, and so are his efforts to succeed in show biz.

The caricature of the 30, slightly confused young man is true and Aziz Ansari captures the character perfectly. It’s often unbearable and funny, but the actor brings a lot of loyalty to his hero. It’s perfect for the role, you only need to watch the first episode to understand.

Relationship problems, racism, dependence on modern technologies, the position of the elderly in society … Master for nothing Never dwell on any topic, always with a sense of humor and lightness. The series is not taken for a penny, it is much better. Fans of the simple and refreshing comics will appreciate it.

  • Watch a preview of Season 1:
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