Netflix: Top 3 Movies to Watch to Have Fun!

It is often not clear which movies to watch on Netflix. So, we give you some tips for a good weekend.

On Netflix, you can watch tons of movies of all genres. But if you’re a little lost in what you want to watch tonight, we’ll do it for you Top 3 movies you should definitely watch on the platform. We tell you more in this article!

What movies for this weekend?

Even if the weather is nice, there’s nothing stopping you from watching a little movie on Netflix. So, for that, we try to find great movies to watch without fuss. There are many on the platform. great selection, It’s hard to boil everything down to three movies.

Since few, Welcome to Zombieland It’s back on Netflix. To the greatest happiness of all. If you don’t know what it is, this is easy. Zombies have invaded the world, There are hardly any humans on Earth. group must survive.

Seen like that, don’t you see the cool side? In fact, this movie is a comedy. You will not be afraid at all, you will laugh at crazy situations. Therefore, we recommend this survival movie that will make you laugh out loud. Then you can watch Ready Player One.

The movie is finally available on the platform. And this time it’s Spielberg! The movie released a few years ago was a huge success. So it’s good to be able to see it Good quality on Netflix. We tell you the story of the movie.


Netflix: What are the must-watch movies?

At Ready Player One, we’re in a futuristic world. There is no longer nature or anything. Residents live in apartment buildings, everything is gray and there is a lot of pollution. Just a moment of happiness: the oasis.

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All players connect through a virtual reality headset and come together in this virtual world. There is a huge chase going on. Actually, The creator of the game hid an egg. Whoever discovers it will become the master of the game, but we learn that a lot of things are at stake.

So the fight will be tough! Fun time guaranteed on Netflix thanks to this movie. Finally, if you’re with kids this weekend, you can Directs you to a cartoon. And what could be better than watching a classic movie again? At the moment, all episodes of Shrek are available.

We are sure you haven’t seen this movie in a while. So you’ll find your favorite Ghoul Glass stories thanks to Netflix. For those who don’t know, He must rescue Princess Fiona’s partner. But this becomes profuse at night.

There are many sequels to this movie. They are all excellent and full of humour. Alan Shabat also lends his voice to Shrek, the main ogre of this movie. So there you have it, you have the cards on hand for a good weekend in front of Netflix.

Great selection on the platform, so don’t panic if you don’t like anything!